Friday, May 16, 2008

Thing #23 - Wrapping up

I loved the Web 2.0 awards and I love Listen NJ. I will certainly use those again.
Being that I am not a techie and don't really want to spend too much time on the computer, I found most of the other stuff a bore. Overall, this was a good experience int hat I can keep up with my children as they get more and more computer literate. I will come back to some things that I thought would require more time to REALLY understand. Didn't like the Sandbox or google docs and found some of the podcasts excruciatingly painful.
Overall though... great idea and please do it again int eh future.

Thing #22 - listen NJ

I downloaded Eden Burning by Elizabeth Lowell. I can't wait to burn it to a CD so I can listen to it in the car or get my MP3 player and download it there. Had to update some of the software on my computer, but it wasn't hard. Right now the book is just sitting there waiting for me. I really love this.

THing 21 - Podcasts
I signed up for Found the Onion (hysterical site). Nice to see that i could download this to my Ipod, but doubt I ever will. I was disappointed to find that many sites charge fo reach download (but I guess it's par for the course). Thought about doqnloading some kids music to the Ipod, but it would be too expensive.
Not a huge fan of the time involved in finding podcasts either.

Thing #20 - You Tube

I watch You Tube all of the time. I love Bloopers. Here is a link to bloopers from The Office
It is really nice to be able to find the Wiggles and Backyardigans at any time of the day or night (ugh!) when the little monster is WIDE AWAKE and there is nothing on TV to keep us occupied until the sun comes up!!!

THing 19

I LOVE PAndora! It is very similar to Yahoo Music without the commercial interruptions. And who wouldn't love cocktail builder (my sister was a bartender and she usually plays one at parties). I will give it a shot (ha ha) in about 6-8 weeks!!!
This is the most fun of al the THINGS I have done. I have bookmarked a few of the sites and the web awards page. What a way to end a Friday!!!

THing #18

Tried to log into Google Docs and got the following error message
Unable to locate the requested document revision. Please check the URL and try again.

OK, so i tried again and did what I was supposed to do. I guess it's OK. If I was doing a collaborative training, it could be helpful if others could go in and edit and add items. Don't think I could use either of these for my day to day work because of the confidentiality of my job. didn't enjoy this one too much, thought it wasted some very valuable time. Just my opinion, not meant to offend anyone responsible.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Thing #17 - Sandbox

I played in the sandbox. I guess it was OK. Easy to figure out how to change fonts and colors and stuff. I figured out how to insert a picture, but honestly didn';t have the time to find one!!!
THe hardest part of this for me was figuring out how to link my blog to the WIKI. Guess if I have CAREFULLY read the directions, I might have known that I needed to change the URL. I stink at this!!!